Mrs. America 2013 Information and Pageant Tips

The 51 contestants have all  gone off to compete at Mrs. America in Tucson, Arizona which started on August 20th and will continue until the 29th. The Mrs. America organization is a a pageant that showcases some of the most accomplished married women of America. All delegates from the 50 states and the District of Columbia are going to compete for the crown and coveted title. The winner will go on to compete for Mrs. World. This competition is committed to highlighting the 70 million married women who are doing amazing things in their community.

In 2006, Brielle won the Mrs. Indiana title and went on to compete at Mrs. America. This year, the Mrs. Indiana title is held by Mrs. Sandra Zacharias, the first woman to  compete with a double mastectomy. While the competition is less well-known than its Miss America counterpart, the Mrs. America pageant is a major event within the pageant community and a privilege to be a part of. The pageant attracts women from various age ranges and life stages.

The amount of time that it takes a married woman to prepare for a pageant is double what it would take a Teen or Miss because of the other responsibilities we are juggling as wives, mothers, business owners, employees, care takers and homemakers. That is why it is important to prepare well in advance and make sure you give yourself enough time and flexibility.


Rhonda Shappert recommends beginning your preparations and training a year before you are set to compete. Do your research by observing what gowns, makeup and hair works for the pageant system you are competing in by studying the contestants that make it to the top 3. She also mentions developing  interview and communications skills as well as creating time to focus on health and fitness.


Participating in a pageant can cost anywhere from $2000 on the low end and over $5000 on the high end depending on the level that you are competing in.  You want to make sure that you budget for an coaching or consultations that you may need, photos and advertising, wardrobe and pageant expenses like travel, food and tickets. You also have to factor in hair and makeup, a fitness trainer and anything else that you need to help you be your best version when you compete.

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